Personal and Property Protection You Can Trust

Protect Your Anonymity

Did Bill Gates really purchase a $1.25 million home this April? Some suspect that he did, but because the property was purchased by a land trust nobody can say for sure.

Don't Let Your Wealth Make You a Target

"I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money." ~Pablo Picasso

Avoid Being Disadvantaged By Your Wealth

Disney purchased the Disney World property through land trusts so that they would not be charged above-market prices. Nobody guessed it was Disney that was behind these purchases.

Why a Land Trust?

For many people, a significant portion of their net worth is tied up in real estate.  Although insurance is an obvious and indispensable tool for protecting real estate assets, it’s not the only one.
Gifting your property to a land trust provides protection and advantages for you, your property, and your posterity.



Limited Liability

Tax Advantages

Transactional Flexibility

Due-on-Sale Clause Savings

Probate Simplicity

Be a good steward, and let us start creating your land trust.